We Know Healthcare!

While many agents claim to understand the healthcare space, any Owner or Administrator understands it requires in-depth expertise of the industry coupled with knowledge of the fluid marketplace for pricing. Many facilities today are feeling the pain of increased premiums, high deductibles, and no control over the claim or settlement negotiation process.

Each year, more and more carriers exit the marketplace in their desire to offer coverages such as General/Professional Liability and Workers Compensation due to the ever increasing losses and litigious nature of the industry.  We understand different policy form structures, standard programs and self-insured. We understand what it takes to manage one or a multitude of facilities in a single program. We understand the need to stay on top of claims and negotiating the reduction of reserves to improve you loss ratios. We understand the importance of conveying the true bed breakdowns, level of care, and risk management protocols upheld within the facilities to produce the most competitive programs. We understand you!


How Can We Help With Rising Insurance Costs?

Our team provides a triple thread approach making ourselves hands-on to all aspects of your program because we know that it takes a combination of efforts to keep your costs as low as possible.


    • Claim Advocacy:
      • Claim Reporting
      • Claim Monitoring
      • Claim Reviews with you and your staff
      • Negotiation of Claim Reserves


    • Risk Management:
      • Claim Trending and Analysis
      • Incident Tracking
      • Monthly loss run reports to track progress
      • Risk Management independent from your carrier who specialize only in healthcare space


  • Program Marketing:
    • 90 Day pre-renewal strategy meeting
    • Aggressive marketing to every available program year after year
    • Completion of all applications
    • Detailed reporting to underwriters specific to your facilities improvements made throughout the year


Workers Compensation Audits – Did we mention that we handle those from beginning to end? Because of our extensive experience, we understand the importance of classifying employees properly, going to bat for you on disputes, and saving you time and aggravation from outrageous additional premiums at time of audit.  We save our clients an average of 18% on their workers compensation audits, and take all the burden off from dealing with carrier auditors.

Business Insurance Solutions is your single-source partner who will take the time to understand the Intricacies of your facilities, help improve your program pricing, and provide you with second-to-none service and support to you and your staff.  Give us a call. We are eager to help!

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